UCLan academic contributes to the United Nations publication on treatments for stimulant abuse

Professor Colin Davidson, Acting Head of School for Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, was a contributor to a recently published United Nations document on treatments for stimulant dependency. The aim of the paper was to encourage Member States to explore the response to the extensive use of psychostimulants at the global level and the high prevalence of psychostimulants use disorders (PSUD). The paper was the result of a 3-day meeting at the UN in Vienna where Prof Davidson, the UK’s only representative, presented his work on novel treatments for stimulant abuse. The meeting brought together 40 participants, mainly leading experts on the treatment of PSUD from 25 countries. During the meeting the experts made formal presentations and exchanged experiences summarizing traditional and novel treatment approaches to psychostimulants that have been implemented across different countries and discussed integrated models of treatment that may be effective and suitable for implementation in a variety of settings once translated and culturally adapted. The document can be found here.

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